📽 🌟 It's Movie Night in America! 🌟 📽

Every Thursday, rain or shine, snow or sleet (but only if we have electricity), we delve once more into The List. 7 or 7:30 or something like that Eastern Time, be there!

🍿 This Week! (01 Apr 2021) 🍿

Time Trap (2018)

I think we may have April Fool'd ourselves by queueing up Time Trap for this week. I'm kidding! Sort of? We'll soon find out if "a movie that takes place in a single cave" can become as grating as "a movie that takes place in a single room."

🎫 The List 🎫

The List will rule us until its power is broken. Every List's end brings a new List into the world. The storytelling journey continues, in no particular order:

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