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The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl (2005) Circle 2015


Closing out our "movies from 2005" trifecta - sort of, thanks a lot, Netflix - we have The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl. I'm hoping to have genuine fun with this! I've never seen it, but it looks kind of cute! Also, in locating the trailer I found out that they're making another Sharkboy & Lavagirl movie this year and Pedro Pascal is going to be Sharkboy?? whaaaaaat

This is just getting rude at this point. Am I not allowed to have an on-time update? Maybe I'm not allowed to have an on-time update. As a substitute, we decided to rip the band-aid off and watch Circle, which was not filmed in 2005 but was definitely filmed in one room. It promises to answer the question: can you make a movie out of a game of Werewolf?

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